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5 Stars — NetGalley

Those who follow my reviews know I'm pretty spare in awarding five stars… But with the picture Harris paints of the dangers of authoritarianism at a particularly worrisome time for our own country (a neuroscientist has warned that with the MAGA movement we’re seeing the largest and most dangerous cult in American history) I'm persuaded to go ahead and give the novel five stars. The Devil Comes to Bonn in both main plotlines of Harris’ story, and now, with Trump's re-election a very real possibility (a prospect presidential historian Michael Beschloss minces no words in saying would bring a presidential dictatorship), it’s a good bet he’s licking his chops about setting up shop right here in America.

Paul W., USA

5 Stars — NetGalley

I thought I had this book all figured out by page 50, but I was wrong. The final act rockets in and accelerates fast. I would classify this as a thriller. Was shocked to discover this is the author’s first work, I would have thought this was a veteran writer, very dense but well written.


5 Stars — NetGalley

There's a dark intensity throughout this novel. The author places her characters in 1941 and 2015 where history is much more than just a backdrop. Both Stella Robinson and Hildegard Weber are very powerful characters... I loved all the moral dilemmas that form a key element of this novel. It makes one think of the morality of the world we live in today. The world we have already brought so close to destruction through climate change. I was fascinated by the references to Beethoven, his home in Bonn, and the less savoury presence of Adolf Hitler in the city.

Robin Price

4 Stars — NetGalley

A gripping dual-narrative novel that seamlessly weaves together the lives of Stella and Hildegard in two different time periods. Harris explores themes of survival, identity, love, and morality as the characters grapple with the consequences of their choices. This beautifully written story keeps readers engaged as it unravels the mysteries of the past and the impact they have on the present. It's a compelling tale of two women connected across time, and it leaves a lasting impression on those who delve into its pages.

Readwithmills, UK

Yes, another WWII dual timeline novel, but this one hits a bit different with the two characters and this war storyline is not one I have read before... This really resonates currently with the #MeToo movement that has been calling out men in power and their behavior towards women… Historical fans need to add this to their list to read.

Chelsie, USA, 27 September 2023

Observe #MeToo through a new lens in a dark dual timeline debut from Jennifer Harris


This is an interesting read - packed with controversial points that vibrate back to the 1930's and are still pertinent today. It is a must read for anyone with an opinion on women’s equality. It is a must read that will get you talking, and it may divide opinions.
Matt Shine, UK

4 Stars — NetGalley

The writer brings interestingly alive certain similarities between Hildegard and Stella's lives despite the time, distance and personalities involved in the two experiences.

How we can find unexpected aspects to ourselves - despite what we think we know - is something many people may find relatable, even if not to such an extreme degree. And the moral dilemmas faced by the protagonists featured here have also perhaps appeared in most individuals' lives, in some form.

This book delivers an absorbing story (or stories), not least the twin aspects of Hildegard's inner life and Stella's revenge fantasy, so diligently plotted. That makes it well worth checking out.
Farah G., UK

Showcased on 6 August 2023, USA

4 Stars — NetGalley

A great book, and I would recommend to those who love stories with dual plot lines and involve academia and some history elements. as that is one of the plot lines.
William F, UK

4 Stars — NetGalley

I feel perplexed about this book which is unusual for me as I'm a love it or leave it type of person, but this one left me with mixed emotions, but I liked the way the two protagonists met and how Hildegard's story impacted Stella and the situations she found herself in.

Reviewer 774133, UK

4 Stars — Novels Alive

Reviewed 25 August 2023, USA

These two storylines, while focusing on different time periods, highlight the struggles faced by the characters as they wrestle with their circumstances. Stella feels compelled to publicly shame the male professor rather than letting the matter go. Hildegard finds herself in dangerous circumstances that could compromise her safety.

Stella’s storyline appears to reflect a character spiraling into a dark depression. Her obsession with the male professor is rather unsettling. Meanwhile, Hildegard’s struggles in being so close to Hitler, in addition to her spy duties, reflect a definite moral quandary. Ultimately, the storylines converge, allowing readers to draw important parallels.
Amy Wilson, USA

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